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KF211 Bamboo OGC Dbl Terry - 72cm Seconds
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KF211 Bamboo OGC Dbl Terry 150cm Oddment
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KF211 Bamboo OGC Dbl Terry 2m Seconds
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KF211 Bamboo OGC Dbl Terry 78cm Seconds
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Author: Richard   Date Posted: 6 November 2015  

We often get asked what Bamboo Fabric would you use to make Burp cloths, baby wipes / bibs. To make a simple burp cloth you could use Bamboo Velour ( KF230 ) (colours also available) on one side and a cotton print fabric on the other side. You could use almost any recycled printed fabric for the one side and the Bamboo velour (3 times more absorbent than cotton) for the wiping up side. We have lots of fabulous colours available in the Bamboo velour . Bamboo fleece could also be used (...

With so many great fabrics availablie which Bamboo fabric is best for your baby depends on a few different factors, importantly you need to consider absorbency and drying time. Bamboo Fleece Our bamboo heavy fleece ( KF200 ) is 400gsm and is very absorbent, for this reason it is often used in night boosters as baby will stay drier longer. It should be noted that there are heavier fabrics on the market but we beleive this to be a good balance for absorbency and drying time. Our (...

There are so many choices when it comes to nappy making fabrics that it can be overwhelming and at times confusing, we hope the following helps take the guess work out of choosing the right fabric. Fitted Nappy A shaped cloth nappy made of absorbent material, generally fastened by snaps or hook & loop. Fitted nappies need a waterproof cover to protect your child's clothing and environment. Whole nappy should be made from absorbing fabrics – bamboo, bamboo & organic cotton, bamboo velours Line with bamboo jersey, bamboo velour...