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Twinkle Lily Pads - great new colors now available
Bamboo and other natural fibres are absolutely perfect for use in Baby wear and Sanitary products. Just like a disposable pad without any of the cons associated with them. And being bamboo they feel absolutely luxurious.
These attractive pads come in three different sizes and are to be washed and reused. As an added bonus the water used to soak your pads contains wonderful nutrients which your plants will not only love but flourish.
bamboo Smallsies are generally good for very light to medium days, precautionary days and to keep underwear fresh keep one in your handbag. Bamboo Middsie pads are good for medium flow days. These work for some women for their heaviest days, but all women are different so we also stock the Biggsie.  Breast pads are also available for nursing Mum's. 
Gorgeous colours, absorbent and odour resistant, bamboo pads make what used to be considered the worse time of the month now to be the best.