What Fabric to use for Nappy Inserts?

Which Bamboo Fabric should I use for nappy inserts or boosters?

With so many great fabrics availablie which Bamboo fabric is best for your baby depends on a few different factors, importantly you need to consider absorbency and drying time.

Bamboo Fleece

Our bamboo heavy fleece (KF200) is 400gsm and is very absorbent, for this reason it is often used in night boosters as baby will stay drier longer. It should be noted that there are heavier fabrics on the market but we beleive this to be a good balance for absorbency and drying time.

Our (KF201) bamboo fleece natural is 280gsm making it ideal for light weight and quick drying boosters.

Bamboo and Hemp fleece (KF204) is 320gsm, is great for absorbency, the hemp makes it stronger and fast drying; whilst the anticaterial properties of bamboo helps reduce odors.

These fabrics are all Knitted but have very little stretch too them.

Bamboo Terry

Bamboo Double terry (KF210) and Bamboo Single Terry and (KF211) are also suitable for nappy inserts, the terry has been said to be the most absorbent style of bamboo fabric so can be worn against the skin.

Boosters - layering fabrics

Another popular option is layering of finer fabrics such as Bamboo and Hemp (KF241) or Bamboo & cotton jersey (KF261) these can be folded over and over forming up to 6 thin layers of padding for the boosters.

At Bamboo Fabric Store we suggest that you purchase samples to allow you to make a suitable choice. Samples are available @ only 75c + post & handling from shopping cart on the site.