Wild Nettle Shawls, a beautiful alternative

Hand picked, hand spun from the mountains of Nepal From stinging nettles to a fashionable eco garment.

Nepalese village women hand pick the wild nettle from the forests of the Himalayas to make into beautiful and delicate scarves.
Wild Nettle, also referred to as the Himalayan Giant Nettle or 'Allo', grows wild in the mountains in eastern Nepal. It reaches a height of three metres and has long, stinging hairs covering its stem and leaves. The nettle for these scarves comes from Sankhuwasabha District.

Processing of the wild nettle fibre involves stripping the fibrous inner bark from the plant then boiling in water and wood ash. The mixture is then left to simmer overnight. The next step involves beating the pulp to remove the fibre. The fibre is rubbed with soil containing mica to lubricate the yarn and make separating and spinning the fibres easier. After drying it is ready for spinning with a hand spindle.
Nettle fibre products are great to wear and are cool to the touch like linen. As a natural fibre with hollow structures within the fibre, wild nettle wicks moisture from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable in summer, and in winter these hollow structures trap body heat keeping you warm.
Each scarf is unique with different patterns and thickness of fibre. The size of the scarves varies too.
Wash care of nettle scarves:

These scarves soften with washing. We recommend hand wash only in cool water using eco friendly washing liquid or powder that has no bleach. Wool wash is OK. Squeeze lightly, line dry. If necessary use cool iron while damp. Do not tumble dry.

These beautiful shawls have been sourced from the Himalayas and in doing so we support local industries.

Also available bamboo and wild nettle fabric, stunning to wear!