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NEW! Now in store, fabulous 100% Linen fabric.

Linen 100%
145-147cm Width

It’s the unique linen properties that can be thanked for why this fabric has endured as a mainstay of the textile industry for so many centuries. These include:

  • Durability and tensile strength
  • Quick drying capabilities and resistance to moisture
  • Slightly silky texture that softens with use
  • Low elasticity
  • Doesn’t hold on to heat and cold

These properties lead to some pretty distinctive benefits. For instance, because linen doesn’t hold on to temperatures in the air, it’s inherently breathable and an ideal fabric for those who live in extremely warm or cold climates. And while it’s durability means that it doesn’t flow quite so freely as other fabrics, it also means that it can stand up to long-term use and is able to lay flat and firm. Interestingly, the same features that make linen so durable also means that it cannot create lint and that it actually gets even more supple with use and cleanings.

Also available in other fashion colours, contact Larraine for further details.