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Sleep in style and comfort with beautiful Bamboo Sheets .

You will be amazed at how soft these really are and will delight in the quality and feel of a Bamboo sheet set.  

Bamboo Textiles have redefined eco-friendly with luxury 100% bamboo sheets 

Ecologically friendly, why bamboo of course!


What makes great bamboo bedsheets special?

  1. When it is cool and you first slip between cotton sheets, (unless they are flannelette), they feel cold and stiff and it takes time to warm them up. Bamboo sheets seem to warm up almost instantly.
  2. When it is hot, bamboo sheets have an uncanny ability to keep you cool.
  3. The feel of bamboo sheets against the skin is very smooth, like silk, but without being slippery.
  4. Antibacterial, anti-odour, enviro-friendly, thermo-regulating, all the benefits of bamboo fibre.