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Luxurious bamboo bed sheets are made from 100% bamboo fibre for a beautiful nights sleep.


What makes great quality bamboo bedsheets?

  1. They need to be 100% bamboo.
  2. All bamboo sheets shrink in the length after the first couple of washes but then they should stop shrinking and stabilise in size.
  3. The material needs to be flame treated before it is sewn to ensure the sheets never pill because pilling destroys the marvellous sleek comfort against the skin.
  4. The seams of the fitted sheets should be double stitched to give them strength to avoid tearing.
  5. Thread count is not a good indicator of bamboo sheet quality. Although the weaving must be dense and a good set should weigh 2.5 kg.


'I have just referred a friend to your site for your gorgeous bamboo sheets of which we already have 3 King sets. We absolutely love them & tell everyone about them & so far 2 of our friends have purchased from you.' Tania

'The sheets are truly lascivious and I thank you for such a fine product.' Kevin