Buy A Bale - Helping rural communities in drought.

Author: Richard   Date Posted:7 March 2014 

Bamboo Fabric Store Australia has made the choice to support and help spread the word for Buy a Bale, supporting our rural communities in drought. This campaign is providing meaningful support for farmers by delivering hay and other essential items to farmers who have no feed left for their cattle.

"All donations to our campaign have a four fold effect. Some hay is donated, some we buy, so we’re feeding a hay farmer and his family. Some of our truckies are donating their time and diesel, some loads we’re paying for, so we’re feeding truckies and their families. Donations towards our Farmers card inject immediate cash into the rural towns, city cash going bush. Finally what hay we deliver saves farmers cash that they can continue to spend on other items."

Australia, donating to Buy a Bale is helping not just farmers but their communities and so many more people. Thank you on behalf of our farmers for your support.

Thier Mission:

Across Australia there are thousands of farmers who need our help. As Australian’s have done in the past with floods in Queensland, fires in Victoria and South Australia, we have supported those less well off than ourselves.

Farmers in Queensland and Northern NSW need our help to keep their cattle alive after the cessation of live cattle exports, no wet season and fires.

Can you help us with a donation or time, money or a prime mover and trailer and with the team from Buy a Bale, we’ll help our farmers survive this terrible period.

Australian farmers are the backbone of our country. For hundreds of years they’ve fed us all. Now they need our support to keep their cattle alive and the food in our stomachs. Australia if you can help by donating we’ll see that they receive the fodder they need and the support to get them through this tough time.



In 2018 / 2019 over 90,000 Australians bought a bale of hay for our farmers. This allowed us to provide more than $30m worth of hay, water and financial assistance to farmers in the worst hit areas.
But the drought isn’t over, in fact our farmers are currently experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. So Australia, It’s time to Buy another Bale.
Show our farmers that we are all in this together and Buy another Bale today!

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