Burp Cloths/Baby Wipes - Which Bamboo Fabric to use?

Author: Richard   Date Posted:6 November 2015 

We often get asked what Bamboo Fabric would you use to make Burp cloths, baby wipes / bibs. To make a simple burp cloth you could use Bamboo Velour (KF230) (colours also available) on one side and a cotton print fabric on the other side.
You could use almost any recycled printed fabric for the one side and the Bamboo velour (3 times more absorbent than cotton) for the wiping up side. We have lots of fabulous colours available in the Bamboo velour.
Bamboo fleece could also be used (KF201) Some of our customers also use the 100% Bamboo flannel (WF352) as it is very absorbent and very, very soft!. Yes you can use Terry,  Single side terry (KF210) would be OK even on its own (if hemmed). Use double side terry which is a lot thicker for maximum absorbency. (KF211)  (also available in different colours) We also now have a Bamboo woven terry WF382 which would be nice but maybe a little overkill as this fabric is more like a quality bath towel fabric. (Natural colour only).

Samples can be purchased from our website for a closer look and feel.