Cloth Nappy Making Fabrics Explained:

Author: Larraine & Richard  

Nappy Making Explained The essential guide to nappy making fabrics and styles

There are so many choices when it comes to nappy making fabrics that it can be overwhelming and at times confusing, we hope the following helps take the guess work out of choosing the right fabric.

Fitted Nappy

  • A shaped cloth nappy made of absorbent material, generally fastened by snaps or hook & loop. Fitted nappies need a waterproof cover to protect your child's clothing and environment.
  • Whole nappy should be made from absorbing fabrics – bamboo, bamboo & organic cotton, bamboo velours
  • Line with bamboo jersey, bamboo velour, bamboo hemp

AIO Nappies – Do not require a cover

  • A fitted nappy with a built in waterproof cover
  • Shell of nappy is usually made from PUL, wool or polar fleece
  • Inner shell –natural fibre bamboo velour (now available in gorgeous colours), bamboo jersey
  • Absorbing part of nappy is made from bamboo fleece, bamboo french terry, bamboo single terry, bamboo double terry, bamboo hemp or bamboo organic cotton jersey

Which Bamboo fabric is best for your baby depends on a few different factors. You need to consider absorbency and drying time.

Which Bamboo Fleece ?

Our Bamboo Heavy Fleece (KF200) is 400gsm and very absorbent, it is often used in night boosters but will take a little more time to dry. This is not the heaviest fleece on the market making it a good balance for absorbency and drying time.

Our Bamboo Fleece Natural (KF201) is 280gsm making it a great fabric for light weight and quick drying boosters.

Another first for the Bamboo Fabric Store, Super Heavy Bamboo fleece - our widest, thickest and most absorbent fleece yet!   Bamboo Super Heavy Fleece (KF208) is 500gsm has more absorbency with less bulk - making it the perfect nappy fabric for heavy wetters. The fleece can be worn against the skin and is ideal for both cloth nappy liners and booster but is also well suited to clothing especially leisure wear, hoodys, pants and baby products including blankets.


Can I use lightweight fabrics such as jerseys for nappy lining?

Bamboo Jersey and really light weight fabrics are great for lining nappy, they still absorb but do require a lot more layers to hold moisture. We recommend either Bamboo Organic Cotton Jersey (KF261) or Bamboo & Hemp Jersey (KF241).



Pocket Nappy

  • An outer fitted shell that is stuffed with absorbent material, allowing customisation of your nappy.


  • Fits over a fitted nappy made of waterproof or water resistant material, generally Fleece, PUL or Wool (called a Soaker).

Terry Flats

  • A square of Terry Toweling, designed to be folded in a variety of different ways to adjust the "wet zone" and fastened by pins or snappis.


  • Similar to a Terry Flat, but made of a trimmer material and with thicker, more absorbent central panel.




  • Latest addition to the Modern Cloth family of fabrics. Super absorbent, and especially soft to touch, it's a highly renewable source, and so very environmentally friendly.

Bamboo Flannel

  • A traditional nappy fabric, it is a densely woven from brushed cotton but now available in 100% bamboo (WF352).

Bamboo Fleece

  • Hydrophilic material, with heavyweight fleece (KF200) used in covers or the Outers of AIOs and lighter weight bamboo fleece (KF201) used as liners or inners to keep moisture away from baby's skin. Super heavy weight fleece (KF208) 500gsm for maximum absorbency.

Bamboo French Terry

  • Bamboo French Terry (KF291) is Bamboo Fleece that is unbrushed, it is the same absorbency as Bamboo Fleece Natural (KF201) but less bulky.  The texture of the French Terry makes it suitable for baby wipes especially when complimented with soft bamboo velour (KF230) backing.


  • Stronger and more absorbent than cotton, Hemp is a porous (breathable) fabric with natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it ideal for use in Modern Cloth Nappies.  Bamboo hemp fleece (KF204) marries the absorbency of bamboo with the fast drying properties of hemp. Bamboo Hemp jersey (KF241) is sutable for layering in boosters.

Bamboo PUL

  • Polyurethane Laminate - applied to fabric to make a moisture proof yet breathable layer. Our Bamboo PUL Fleece (KF207) is 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton with a PUL layer built in. Excellent Quality.

Bamboo Terry

  • Soft absorbent terry fabric covered in tiny loops. Bamboo Single terry (KF210) has loops on one side whereas the Bamboo Double terry (KF211) has loops on both sides, similiar to a bath towel

Bamboo Velour

  • A very soft blend fabric, 70% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 2% polyester. Babies especially love the feel of bamboo velour (KF230) against their skin making it the perfect lining. Bamboo velour comes in a range of funky colours.