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Bamboo Fabric Store Frequently asked Questions :


1. Is an item mine when I add it to my cart or only once I checkout?


It is yours once its in your cart which leaves you free to investigate all the other products or peruse our information pages before checking out. The cart will expire after 2 hours of inactivity, so don't leave it too long, but no need to rush.

2. I am interested in a bamboo fabric you don't have. Can you get it in?

Please contact us with the fabric specifications and desired end use and we will look into getting that item or fabric.

3. I have a business, what can you do for me?


We have a range of wholesale prices for different quantities. Please contact us to apply for wholesale rates.

4. I want to buy quite a large amount of fabric for personal use. Can I get a discount?

Yes. On orders larger than 20m you are eligible even more discount. If you are planning to buy a substantially larger quantity please contact us to see if further discounts apply.

5. How do you order part metres of Bamboo Fabric?

Just call or email us and we can do a manual sale for the quantity you would like. (our webstore only can handle whole metres) The minimun we like to cut is half a linear metre. We are unable to supply "Fat Quarter" and odd sizing.

6. Do you have a store or showroom I can visit ?

Yes you are welcome to come and see us at our warehouse / showroom :  16 Hume St Golden Beach QLD (9-4pm Mon-Fri)

7. Are there samples available to view?


Samples are available for our in-stock fabrics. Samples sizes are 20cm x 10cm usually Some are 20cm x 20cm and are bigger for dye testing.

8. How do we order samples?

To order samples please click on the link on the page of the fabric you are interested in or click this link Samples. You can purchase one or more samples.

9. Do the bamboo fabrics contain fibre made from Bamboo?


Absolutely. When we state that a product contains bamboo, it will contain natural bamboo fibre . There has been talk in the marketplace of substitution going on without the public knowing. The Bamboo Fabric Store  guarantees that all products labelled bamboo will be made from bamboo fibre.

10. I would like to make products for commercial sale. What fabric do you suggest?


We have chosen manufacturers that produce high quality fabric. They dye well as well as being sturdy. The properties of bamboo are truly fantastic and we've made sure that the products we sell live up to the good name of bamboo. Popular materials for nappies include Fleece, Velour and the Terry cloths. For clothing we would suggest the Jersey, Fleece and interlock. Terry and Velour are also popular in active wear apparel.

A word of caution, The fabrics at bamboo fabric store are not intended for a particular use, and therefore it is highly recommended that if you intend using the fabrics from Bamboo Fabric Store Australia in commercial products that you test your product extensively before selling it to your customers. Bamboo Fabric Store Australia will not be responsible for product complaints by your customers. It is your responsibility to make sure that the fabrics we sell are appropriate for your commercial need.

For more information on absorbency tests, dye tests and durability please visit Bamboo Fabric Store USA


11. You say you're an ethical and environmental business. What does that mean to you?


It means a few things. The Bamboo Fabric Store stands firm on not importing and selling goods that have been manufactured unethically or that support a regime that is unethical. Much effort and research has gone into standing by this ethos. .

Environmentally we believe in sustainable industries. Bamboo fibres are truly ecological. Our Information pages have more information on the many ways that bamboo is a preferred fabric environmentally.

We are researching eco packaging options for shipping your packages as well as putting the onus on our customers to choose environmentally friendly options. We do not automatically include paper invoices but give you the choice in checkout to request this if you wish.

12. I have heard Bamboo wadding/batting is highly flammable?


Bamboo is no more flammable than Cotton. For the Wadding to ignite the Cotton cover surrounding the wadding has to reach flash point first. The wadding will be the last thing to ignite and Bamboo is far superior to Polyester in this regard. Apparently there has been a lot of scaremongering in SA about this issue without any facts to back up the claims. If you are still concerned we would suggest using wool as it has a slightly higher flash point.

13. I am using the fabric to make small face clothes. What fabric would you recommend for this?

Ideally something sustainable, yet something soft that isn't too scratchy on the skin. Some fabrics to consider are the Bamboo Velour, the French terry, single loop terry, and the flannel.